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Coating Thickness Gauge PT-8S Zn&Fe&Al galvanized steel Zn / aluminium AL /stell Fe

Coating thickness gauge PT-8S is designed to measure the thickness of a steel, galvanized steel or aluminum sheet paint coating. 

  • The measurement resolution equals 1 or 10µm (selected in menu). The device features an EEPROM memory for 200 measurements. The measurement's results are stored also when the gauge is off which enables to look through them after the measurements are done. They can be deleted from the main menu level. The “HOLD” function enables to keep the measurement result on screen even after the sensor is taken away from the specimen. The device has a LCD back light which makes measuring in places with insufficient light (e.g. garage) much easier. 

    Thank to improved technical solutions, the gauge's power consumption is very slight. It takes only 1 AA (R6) alkaline battery for dozen or more continuous working hours.  

    The device is equipped with a modern and fast microprocessor. The thickness measurements are made using third level approximation algorithms combined with multiple calibration points. It provides high accuracy of measurement results especially in comparison with simple, linear approximation solutions.

    Ideal for verifying the thickness of paint on new and pre-owned automobiles. 
    Ideal for Automobile... Dealerships, Professional Car Buyers, Detailers, Body Shops, and more...  

    Technical specifications:

    Basic specifications of the device:
  • measurement resolution: 1 or 10µm (selected in menu);
  • measurement on steel, galvanized steel ond aluminium;
  • measurement range: from 0µm to 2000µm;
  • measurement pause (hold function);
  • assistant function; helpful in quality assessment;
  • sound notification;
  • memory up to 200 measurements;
  • zeroing function;
  • LCD back light (turned on in menu);
  • flexible measuring sensor;
  • intuitive operation with 11-positions menu;
  • automatic shut-off after longer idleness;
  • powered by two 1,5V AAA, R2 alkaline batteries or two compatible rechargeable batteries AAA, R3;
  • low battery indicator;
  • 3 language operation (Polish, English, German);
  • 24 months guarantee

Gauge manual:

The device is operated with 2 buttons:

-   the red button (OK / MENU): turns the device on, accepts the selected functions and returns to the main menu, when pressed during the measurement it stores the displayed value;

-   the yellow button (FUNCTION): switches between the functions in the main menu, switches between the stored measurement results.

To turn the gauge on please press the red button for about 1 second. After displaying the company’s logo and the device’s type, the device switches automatically to the main menu. The „>” symbol indicates the currently selected function. Please press the yellow button to switch between the following functions:

  • MEASUR – measure function: takes measurements;
  • SUBST – substance function: allows to choose the measured material type;
  • MEMORY – memory function: recalls the stored measurement values;
  • OFF – off function: switches the device off;
  • DELETE – delete function: deletes the stores measurement values;
  • ZERO – zeroing function: calibrates the gauge;
  • HOLD – hold function: freezes the measurement result on the display;
  • RESOL – resolution function: switches between the measurement resolution;
  • LCD BL – back light function: turns the display back light on or off;
  • ASSIST – assistant function: enables to value the quality of measured object
  • LANG – language function: switches between languages.

To select a function please press the red button.

Assistant function

The function enables to interpret correctly if the measured body-work has ever been repaired.

While the measurement is taken and the ‘assistant’ function is on, following phrases may appear:

  • LITTLE – the layer of paint is too thin
  • LAC.OK – the layer is correct
  • 2xLAC! – two layers of paint
  • PUTTY! - putty

One Set Included:

-   1pc x Coating Thickness Gauge.

-   1pc Zn/Al/Fe probe.

-   1pc Calibration foils.

-   1pc instruction booklet

-   1pc alkaline battery

Warranty: 25 months

Price: 67,99$ 

Shipping : FREE !!!

1. Item will be posted within 2-4 business days by Air-mail from POLAND after payment cleared.
2. Delivery time depends on destination and other factors, Items will reach most of the countries within 5 to 22 business days.

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