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Before You buy a used car of begin recondition a damaged finish, check the paint thickness for clues about its condition and history.


Paint-Thickness is an online store selling paint coating thickness gauges. We offer magnetic and electronic gauges. We carry out the production of the gauges ourselves, having a full control over the quality and standards of the products we offer. We have several years of experience in world-wide sale and distribution of coating thickness gauges. Every customer will find something for themselves from the wide variety of our gauges. When purchasing a car – no matter if it is second-hand or brand new, it is advisable to check the thickness of its body’s paintwork. Thickness ​​different from the originally applied by the manufacturer, clearly indicates previous dent repairs and repainting, which could be a result of damage to the car. To help you with choosing and then using the appropriate coating thickness gauge, we propose you consider the two groups. Magnetic Gauges – guarantee the simplest operation, reliable, and available at a low price. Testers of this kind are ideal for individuals looking for a car for themselves or assisting friends in this process. The good value for money and durability of the tester makes it a perfect tool to help you make the right decision. Electronic Gauges - the most advanced devices on the market, dedicated to professionals in the automotive industry. If you run a new or second-hand car dealership, own a garage, car trade is your hobby, you are a court expert, independent assessor or you just want to check a car with more accuracy, these devices are just for you. The extraordinary precision of the measurement, calibration and the ability to save settings, as well as many other useful features, are just a few of the advantages of these electronic testers.

We are happy to share our expertise, and we are ready to assist you in selecting the best tester to suit your needs. If you have questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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